Mindset For Music

This Class Caters To those who write, but are challenged with marrying their words with melodies, beats, harmonies – or even those who compose music but are challenged lyrically. This class will also offer the info every writer needs to understand.

Topic Points:

  • What Comes First
  • How You Heard It –vs- How It Will Be Heard
  • Collaborating
  • Writer -vs- Composer
  • Copy Rights (fixed form)
  • Publishing
  • Is That Song For Sale?
  • Who Has Final Say?
  • Record Label -vs- Selling Out The Trunk
  • Negotiate Your Deal(s)
  • Understanding Pay Periods (how & when who pays)
  • Understanding The Genre
  • Writer’s Block

Mindset For


Session 3 ~ 12:15 – 1:30