Mindset For Music

Mindset For

Music Production

Session 4 ~ 2:00 – 3:30

This class caters to Producers who seek means to upgrade their sound & add to their methods in taking a painting to master piece visualization by adding the necessary colors.
Highlighting what needs to be highlighted in the most sonic manner.

Topic Points:

  • Having A Session Agenda
  • Budget Types
  • Time Management
  • Being The Player Coach
  • Being A Balanced Producer
  • Fundamental Music Tracking Tips
  • Choosing Sounds
  • Fundamental Vocal Tracking Tips
  • Fundamental Editing Tips
  • Making Sensible Decisions
  • Fundamental Mixing Tips
  • How To Listen Back
Producers, Engineers & even Writers
PhEv-jr wants to give you sounds & samples for Free
Bring your USB & External Drives.