Mindset For Music
About MFM workshop

Mindset For Music (MFM) is a music workshop featuring Writer / Producer / Artist / Director of Music & Clinician Pharis Evans Jr. (PEJ)

Pharis Evans Jr. has over 25 years of experience in the music industry as a writer / producer, and is more than qualified to teach & mentor others who aspire further their writing, production, artistry & musicianship.

On January 11, 2020 PEJ will conduct a music clinic consisting of 4 teaching sessions - class times range from 60 - 90 minutes.... each session closes with 15 -20 of Q&A.

About The Clinician

Pharis Evans Jr. has worked with some of the industry’s most known artists; thus, he’s had up close and personal relationships, and has learned more than much, along his journey throughout the music industry and music business. But most importantly, he has learned proper etiquette and artist development.

Pharis’ mission offers help for today, and hope for tomorrow. Striving to reach the ‘total man’ with a unique balance, by regarding, respecting, and having total understanding of melody, music and message.

The future mission of PEJ Communications, is to create a learning environment for youth, that provides the highest order of education in all major aspects of music; to establish a foundation for life-long growth in music. PEJ himself, wants to offer participants the knowledgeable means to develop both creative and critical skills; thus enabling them to synthesize their subjective experiences with history, theory and culture, while using a variety of PEJ-like approaches such as helping participants to mature in their God-given skills, invoking a greater understanding with problem-solving skills, and learning craftsmanship and teamwork through sustained effort. Above all, PEJ hopes to prepare youth to become thinking, articulate, respectful of genre, and conscientious citizens of musicianship.

• Pharis Evans Jr. Objectives as a Musical Clinician:

· Define and refine the individual talents by providing a broad range of major programs, and to prepare them for careers in music, that reflect the diversity of expression and opportunities to express their form of musical art

· To enable musicians and singers to employ their musical education in a global society, by providing a coherent liberal arts curriculum that informs their thinking about principles.

· To retain our leadership position in music education, and to ensure that a PEJ Communications' Program of Study (syllabus) remains relevant by pledging to value musical learning, and the freedom to create audio art.

As a music workshop clinician, Pharis’ goal is to teach, and leave you with the know-how to carry on what has been taught. Pharis will teach, explain and impact each individual with a method in knowing how to advance in areas that are lacking.

After a Workshop or Seminar with Pharis Evans Jr.:

· Your music will be designed to represent

· Your musical characteristics will be greatly respected

· Your music will be more appealing to your targeted audience.